PICTURES: Dumping at Askea Bring Bank described as 'pure laziness' but culprits caught on CCTV

Fines to be issued in the new year

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Pictures have emerged of Askea Bring Bank after the Christmas period which reveal disgraceful illegal dumping at the site. 

Council staff took three loads from the area and left it spotless but incredibly, the banks weren’t even full when the culprits dumped the rubbish.

One local authority staff member described it as "just pure laziness".

Jannette O Brien, Environmental Awareness Officer, said: "It's very disappointing considering the upgrading works that were carried out to these free facilities before the Christmas.

"But the good news is they will all have been caught on CCTV and will be receiving fines early in the new year."