'Croc and roll,' European Crocodile Network meeting to be held over Carlow/Kilkenny border


Carlow Live Reporter


Carlow Live Reporter



Annual European Crocodile Network meeting for Kilkenny

Crocodile enthusiasts from all over Europe will converge on Kilkenny next month.

Delegates have snapped up tickets for the fourth Annual European Croc Networking Meeting which will be held at The National Reptile Zoo in Killkenny from October 4-6.

Approximately 70 experts will travel to the Marble City to attend the conference which aims to bring together crocodile experts based in Europe from all fields of crocodile work from research, industry and husbandry for collaboration.

The organisers also want to extend their network and assist those keen to pursue a career working with crocodilians.

Owner of the National Reptile Zoo, James Hennessy said that he was bowled over by the response to the event to date.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase both the Reptile Zoo and its new home and the city of Kilkenny,” he said, adding that there will be a strong emphasis on highlighting the importance of crocodile conservation during the event.

The annual meeting will take place in the National Reptile Zoo’s new home in the Hebron Industrial Estate.

The finishing touches are being made to the premises before the inhabitants of the Reptile Zoo in Gowran are carefully transported to their new home in the city.

The premises is being constructed using mainly upcycled and recycled materials and is three times bigger than the original zoo.

There will also be presentations from zoos, research and industry and also information on internships along with opportunities globally.

Kilkenny man James Hennessy is renowned for his conservation work and spends time in Sri Lanka where he trains park rangers how to safely release crocodiles from the wild into the National Parks when they are under threat.

The National Reptile Zoo will move to its new location over the coming months. The building has a number of state-of-the-art facilities including a multi-media room, a nocturnal room, education rooms.

There will also be a conference space, a shop and a cafe.

The zoo is also working in conjunction with the Department of Education ass part of the National Curriculum for the Junior Certificate.

For more see www.nationalreptilezoo.ie