Carlow parents! Garda warning on apps you should be aware your children are using

They can be used by some people to bully, harass or exploit

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Carlow Live Reporter


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How appropriate are these apps

So they’ve asked for a phone for Christmas. You think, "it’s fine, they’re going to use it to text me and maybe their school friends. They might use Instagram, or this Tik Tok thing that you've sort of heard about.

Below are just a handful of social media apps that have become increasingly popular with children and young people. While some of these are completely innocent they can be used by some people to bully, harass or exploit.

Knowledge is power – speak to your children about their mobile usage. Set your expectations for what it will be used for and talk to them about online safety.

If your child is contacted by someone who pressures them into doing things they don’t want to, or bullies and harasses them, encourage them to tell you.

Having open conversations about safety is paramount to making sure they stay safe, and are savvy about how they use these apps.

Remember, if you have concerns a child is being harassed or exploited contact us at your local Garda Station and if a child is at immediate risk or in danger it’s always 999.

Knowledge is power – help them to protect themselves.