DISTRESSING CONTENT: Horse left to die in Kilkenny 'bringing shame on the city'


Carlow Live Reporter


Carlow Live Reporter



More shame heaped on Kilkenny

This horse was left to die on the outskirts of Kilkenny City

A poor, defenceless horse, caught up in trees close to the Dublin Road roundabout on the Ring Road in Kilkenny City was left to die. That's the opinion of Independent Councillor, Eugene McGuinness, who visited the scene on Wednesday. 

"The horse was in a dreadful state and seemed like it had been there for days," he said. 

"This has to stop and I will be insisting that Kilkenny County Council rigorously investigate this and take immediate measures to find out who is responsible," he said.

"There has been enough talk, we need action and I am calling on Mayor Martin Brett to call an emergency meeting of the council to put an end to this.

"This is bringing shame on the city and it has to stop," he added. 

He said the horse had been covered over until it could be safely removed on Thursday.

"It will be up to the vet to determine whether cruelty issues were involved but from the condition of the animal it looks desperate," he said.