Carlow people! Ticketmaster has recalled duplicate Electric Picnic 2020 tickets

Be advised!

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


Duplicate Electric Picnic 2020 tickets confuse fans

Billie Eilish performing at Electric Picnic 2019. Picture: Scott Salt

Customers who bought Electric Picnic tickets but received multiple extra copies in the post are now being asked to send them all back to Ticketmaster.

A number of people who bought their tickets on the payment plan got up to three copies of them before Christmas. it prompted concerns by the public that the duplicates could be sold on but would then not be valid at the festival entrance.

Ticketmaster has today January 14 issued a statement confirming how it will deal with the mix-up.

"A very small batch of duplicate tickets have been distributed to customers due to a printing error. All affected parties will be contacted via post with instructions on how to return these tickets. If you have received a letter from us informing you of this error, that means your tickets are affected and that any (all) tickets received to date need to be returned to us using the prepaid envelope provided," the company has said.

"We will then cancel all affected tickets and reissue new valid tickets with new corresponding barcodes."

A letter was sent out to Electric Picnic fan Karen O'Connor who told the Leinster Express before Christmas how she received six tickets after buying two. She was concerned for people who would buy the duplicates as gifts.

"Let's face it Ticketmaster have made a big booboo. People will get stung for Christmas, this is not mickey mouse money, it's a lot of money," she said at that time.

The letter says "Hey Electric Picnic fan, you may be aware that we had a printing issue and you have received more than one copy of your Electric Picnic 2020 tickets. Sorry for the confusion! To rectify this, we ask that you send any copies you received back to us in the enclosed prepaid envelope and we will in turn send valid replacement tickets back to you. We appreciate your assistance on this."