Gardaí issue warning over 'very convincing' bank scam to catch people in a school rush

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Gardaí issue warning over 'very convincing' bank scam

Gardaí have issued a warning after one of their colleagues got a scam call in recent days.

The Garda in Offaly said they received "a very convincing call from a man Peter claiming to be from Visa Debit services."

The call was received at 8.30am, "designed no doubt to catch people in the middle of school rush."

"Peter was informing me of all the terrible things that happened to my account during the night. A fraud on debit account. Very well spoken, very convincing. They were looking for my approval on account at first. No big push to get to the fraud either to build confidence.

"It's only when I asked why are you ringing me, that banks always say they would never ring their customers and should I ring back number on the card that he bolted."

Gardaí warn: "Scam phone calls are indiscriminate but always looking for you to give personal information and ultimately pass on funds."