Carlow ranks 15th in Income Tax League tables, new figures have revealed

Estimated average tax paid per household in Carlow in one year was €13,537

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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65% of us agreed a new tax on accumulated wealth should be imposed

Carlow ranks 15th on one the "league table" of income tax paid per household, new figures have revealed. 

Meanwhile, as a nation we would broadly be in favour of the introduction of a Wealth Tax, according to the results of the latest instalment of the Taxpayer Sentiment Survey Series 2018.

The leading tax refund specialists asked 1,700 taxpayers throughout the country for their views on taxing public wealth.

The survey uncovered that a “landslide” 65% agreed a new tax on accumulated wealth should be imposed.  

Just over 60% of respondents agreed that a new higher ‘third’ rate of Income Tax should be introduced to gather additional taxes from those on larger incomes.

Barry Flanagan, Tax Director at, said: “I’m sure many people will be surprised that support for a wealth tax amongst taxpayers is so high.

"After all, 65% pretty much constitutes a landslide. However, the results come with a caveat; when asked if they themselves would be prepared to pay more tax if it resulted in better public services 72% said they wouldn’t – either because they think they pay enough already or they think that it won’t result in better public services.

"The most recent statistics from CSO show that in terms of the average working household, the estimated average tax paid per household in Carlow in 1 year (2015) was €13,537.

"My sense would be that most of these households believe that they contribute enough already.”

Using CSO figures produced a “league table” of income tax per household per county and Carlow ranks 15th on that table. 

The county that paid the most was Dublin (€23,080) while the county that paid the least was Donegal (€9,503).