WATCH: DojoCon line-up of speakers is unveiled as Carlow IT reveals its workshops

One of the events is called a 'Hackathon'

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Carlow Carlow Carlow

DojoCon coordinators Margaret Ahearne and John Leamy with Dr. Patricia Mulcahy, President, IT Carlow and Nigel Whyte, Head of the Faculty of Computing and Networking, IT Carlow

The DojoCon line-up of speakers, workshops and events for the jammed packed weekend of everything tech has been confirmed for the event. 

Attendees of the event - which will be held in Kilkenny from October 19 to 21 - can learn about code, design, robotics, technology and much much more.

Meanwhile, Carlow IT -  one of the event's major partners - said: "We're delighted to be a major partner in DojoCon, the global conference for Coderdojos, which takes place in Kilkenny in October.

"Members of our Faculty of Computing and Networking will deliver several workshops with mass appeal, including ‘Adios Alexa! – How to build your own intelligent digital assistant'. A must-visit for anyone with an interest in tech, young and old."

The workshops will be targeted at anyone aged 13 to 113, interested in technology.

A variety of 45 minute workshops and speakers are planned under the following themes: 

1. Make It - focusing on invention, creativity and resourcefulness. 

2. Design It - focusing on design and the use of technology for building club resources. 

3. Code It - forum to get ideas on areas including Minecraft coding, Scratch, Unity, drone coding.

4. Create It - bring the code alive with Meet Edison, Raspberrry Pi, App Inventor, Microbit .

5. Share It - forum to share ideas/discussion points amongst our coding community.

6. Discuss It - On the main stage, themes include technology, diversity, STREAM, Education, Community.

7. Cosy Up to It - fireside chat with women in technology.

There will be workshops for all levels of mentors and parent volunteers in Dojos. The workshops are also suitable for those interested in setting up their own Dojo or anyone with an interest in technology.

Sunday 21st October

Sunday will provide an opportunity to get all Ninjas (7-17 years olds) together for a fun filled Hackathon. 

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