Green Road estate parking issues persist as residents feel 'trapped in their homes'

Unsafe parking in the Carlow Town estate

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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A picture of an abandoned car recently

Residents in Green Road estate have spoken out again with a number of complaints regarding the continued issues surrounding "unsafe and illegal parking in their estate", local and European election People Before Profit candidate Adrienne Wallace has said. 

Locals contacted Carlow County Council who they claim "refused to address these issues which many believe stem from an over flow of students and staff from IT Carlow".

A number of residents have since signed a petition calling on the Council to sit down with the IT and the residents to find solutions. 

The Council in conjunction with Carlow Gardaí are calling on motorists to be "more considerate when parking their cars and to avoid such behaviours that cause danger or inconvenience to others".

The "Considerate Parking Initiative" is to make motorists understand the consequences of their actions, encourage them to alter their parking habits and think before they park.  

Ms Wallace - who initiated the petition - said: "This is not a problem that is going away.

"It has been on-going for a number of years and now we really need solutions. While knocking on doors here I have witnessed so many close calls with regards car accidents.

"There is an increased volume of traffic and at the same time cars are parked on footpaths or dodgy bends – this is pushing people out onto the roads and it is a recipe for disaster."

Ms Wallace added: "I have spoken with elderly residents with mobility issues who are literally trapped in their homes because access to footpaths is denied to them.

"Parents with buggies are also forced out onto the road. Nobody blames the students or staff from the IT, everyone needs somewhere to park, but we are asking the Council to open a dialogue and find solutions be it via an over-spill car park or another means.

"We are residents of Carlow, we pay our taxes and won't accept lax behaviour when it comes to safety on our roads."

Ms Wallace handed in the petition from residents last week and was informed it was passed onto the Parking Department in the Council, she is still awaiting a reply.