Council to begin compulsory acquisition of eight derelict properties in Carlow

Details not dislcosed for 'commerical reasons'

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Carlow County Council will begin the compulsory acquisition of eight derelict properties in Carlow during the month of August, the local authority have confirmed.

There are approximately 22 properties on the Derelict Sites Register in Carlow Municipal District, last month's meeting of the MD heard.

Director of Services, Eamonn Brophy, said there had been a “change in tact in relation to derelict sites” and they were being “more aggresively pursued in relation to the payment of the Derelict Sites levy.

He added that eight of the 22 on the list of derelict sites would be subjected to a Compulsory Purchase Order in the next few months but he could not disclose which ones for “commercial reasons”.

Mr Brophy was asked why the sixteen houses on the list in the midst of a housing crisis were not being CPO'd and he replied there was “no reason why the wouldn't be” and that a CPO takes a huge amount of time.

“The majority of residential derelict sites, the levy doesn't tend to be paid,” Mr Brophy said.

Cllr Andrea Dalton said: “It's soul destroying to be living beside a derelict site and the anti-social behaviour that goes on.”

Cllr William Paton said he was “disappointed” that 32 Beechwood Park in Carlow was not on the list.

“It's front door is kicked in and there is all sorts of anti-social behaviour going on. It's a blight on the estate and is such an eyesore,” Cllr Paton added.

Mr Brophy said if any member has a site that they think should be on the register to email the Council so they can investigate it.