Almost 7,000 drivers in Carlow have penalty points and the most common offence is speeding

Figures published by the Road Safety Authority

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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There have also been 173 offences in Carlow for driving without reasonable consideration

A total of 6,823 drivers in Carlow have penalty points, according to cumulative figures held by the Road Safety Authority up until July of this year. 

The majority of drivers (4,779) have three penalty points while 721 have as many as six penalty points. There are 48 drivers with one penalty point and eleven motorists with eleven points. 

The most common road traffic offence where Carlow drivers were penalised was for speeding with 5,853 offences as of July 2018. There have been 1,014 offences for driving while holding a mobile phone in Carlow. 

The full figures are available by clicking here.