Planning permission refused for construction of 22 homes on Burrin Road

The decision was made by Carlow County Council on September 3

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Carlow County Council offices on the Athy Road

Carlow County Council have refused planning permission for the construction of three blocks of properties on the Burrin Road which would have boasted 22 houses and apartments.

William Byrne sought planning permission on December 29 of last year for the development at The Millrace, Burrin Road, Carlow.

The application looked to construct 22 dwellings in three separate blocks.

Blocks A and C would each consist of five units comprising of 4 two-storey three-bed townhouses and 1 two-storey four-bed townhouse.

Block B was to consist of 12 units in a three-storey block comprising of 6 three-bed duplex apartments over 6 two-bed apartments.

The application also sought the provision of a new vehicular access, all associated site development works, site services provision and connections, drainage, access points, open space landscaping, car parking, bin enclosures and boundary treatment works.

The planning authority wrote to the applicant in February of this year stating that they had "a number of concerns" with regard to the layout and design of the proposed development. 

This included the compatibility of the proposal with reference to the adjoining exisiting residential scheme and road where the maximum dwelling heights are two-storey and the proposal's close proximity to the River Nore, Barrow and Mill Stream as well as flood risk assessment concerns.