'Lover spot' discovered during Carlow clean-up with condoms and their wrappers found

It only takes a few 'wasters' to do the damage that destroys the Mountain for everyone

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Carlow Carlow Carlow

Some of the condom wrappers picked-up being held by a volunteer

Volunteers carrying out a recent clean-up of Mount Leinster in Carlow discovered a "lover spot" and had to pick up condoms and condom wrappers. 

Tullow Mountaineering Club and friends in partnership with Carlow County Council held a "huge mountain clean-up all across our beautiful Mount Leinster" recently.

Volunteers collected about three tonnes of rubbish and waste from the mountain in only three hours.

The majority of the dumped materials was domestic waste. Volunteers tackled the non-visible areas, so they got into ditches and dykes and removed “aged” waste, which is the really bad stuff that has been sitting there for a long time.

Jannette O'Brien, Environmental Awareness Officer at Carlow County Council, said: "We even found a 'lover spot' and had to pick-up condoms and their wrappers.

"Our Mountain is a fantastic natural free resource right on our doorstep and one of the most important Tourism products in the area.

"The majority of people love and respect it, but it only takes a few 'wasters' to do the damage that destroys it for everyone."

The volunteers were form various groups who enjoy Mount Leinster on a regular basis.

They included: Tullow Mountaineering Club; Blackstairs Ramblers; M.L. Syndicate; Biking 795; Bagenalstown Improvement Group as well as some super local Volunteers from the area.