Autism friendly parking space installed in Carlow with calls for 'other counties to follow suit'

A wonderful idea to help local families

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Carlow Carlow Carlow

The parking space at Fairgreen near Supervalu in Bagenalstown

An Autism friendly parking space has been installed in Bagenalstown with calls for "other counties to follow suit". 

The space was chosen beside the gateways going into the Fairgreen because "nobody really parks there" so the parents have two spaces effectively and will have more space to work in. 

Bagenalstown is the first place in Leinster to have the Autism friendly space in the town; the only other place is in Limerick.

Cllr Andy Gladney said: "I’d like to thank the local council here in Bagenalstown for providing an Autism friendly parking space in our town.

"With the great help from the lads in the Council we have achieved this brilliant idea. We would love to see all other counties follow suit now.

"Also if people would leave this space free for families with Autistic children it would be much appreciated."

Cllr Gladney added: "It's great for the Council to get it done and an achievement for the area engineer, Jerry Crowley and the technician, Barry Dowling."