Planning permission granted for Irish Water reed bed sites in Myshall and Fenagh

Water utility is awaiting the decision on the remaining six sites later this month

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Planning permission has been granted for Irish Water reed bed sites in Myshall and Fenagh and the water utility is awaiting the decision on the remaining sites later this month.

Irish Water has lodged planning applications for eight "innovative and environmentally friendly reed beds", representing a €900,000 investment across Carlow.

The proposed reed beds will provide a sustainable solution for the long term treatment of wastewater sludge.

The reed bed acts as a natural filter for the sludge that comes out of wastewater treatment plants. This eliminates the need for the removal of the sludge off-site for separate processing.

Irish Water has signed a contract with Glan Agua to design and construct the proposed sludge drying reed beds at eight wastewater treatment plants in Carlow.  

The proposed locations are:


This cost-saving system will have numerous environmental, compliance, performance and financial benefits.

Among those is the removal of tankers carrying sludge from the roads, habitat creation at the treatment plant, greater controls for the caretaker on site, greater compliance and reduction in overflow to rivers.

This project will also address noise and odour issues that have been experienced by local residents.