EXPLAINED: Strange objects in the Carlow sky on Thursday evening were most likely...

The truth is out there

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Carlow Carlow Carlow

It has nothing to do with little green men (Credit: Carlow Weather)

Anyone else spot two objects in sky over Carlow on Thursday evening shortly after 6.30pm? 

The pictures were posted on www.carlowweather.com who issued an appeal for information on the objects. 

One person on Twitter, John J Waterford, provided the clearest explanation, he said: "Probably America Airlines AA107 B773 N736AT at 32,000 feet Heathrow to JFK and Swiss International Air LX52 HB-JMH A343 at 36,000 feet Zurich to Boston.

"Both passed over Carlow at about 18:40 local time."

What do you think?