Owners of abandoned vehicles in Carlow to be fined €500 to cover removal costs

Abandoned cars are becoming a real problem across the county

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Carlow Carlow Carlow

Carlow County Council offices on the Athy Road

A fine of €500 will be implemented in Carlow on the registered owners of cars abandoned in any place. 

Senior engineer at Carlow County Council, Brian O'Donovan, said under the Waste Management Act a car shall not be abandoned in any place, it doesn't restrict it to a public or private place. 

In the event of a car being abandoned or left idle, the local authority will write to the owners, seek that they remove it or tax it, insure the vehicle and bring it back to a road worthy condition.

If they fail to do so, the Council will move in and remove the car and will now charge €500 to the registered owner for the removal of the vehicle. 

If any vehicle is on private lands and is clearly an end of life vehicle where there's a risk of environmental pollution, the Council will again make a request for the vehicle to be disposed of properly and if it's not the local authority will remove the vehicle and fine the owner. 

The Council warned owners too that if they don't transfer ownership of their car properly as regards the paperwork, the previous owner is still liable. 

There were 86 abandoned car complaints in Carlow up to September of this year and the behaviour has become a serious issue. 

Abandoned cars were previously recorded under litter but the "extent of the issue" has warranted a separate category in Carlow County Council's monthly environmental report.