Carlow school praises students who showed 'courage beyond their years' to save boy

'We are so very proud of these two young ladies...'

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Krista Valteris and Keisha Moloney

Tullow Community School has praised two of its students for showing "courage beyond their years".

Krista Valteris and Keisha Moloney were presented with National Bravery Awards for risking their own lives to aid others in peril.

The school said: "We are so very proud of these two young ladies who received National Bravery Awards at Phoenix Park on Friday.

"Keisha Moloney and Krista Valteris have been rewarded for their bravery when they saved a six-year-old boy from drowning and resuscitated him. Courage beyond their years, well done girls."

Krista and Keisha were walking on August 30 in 2017 from Gortnahowan in Carlow to the nearby housing estate in Graigeowen through a wasteland area known as the "Quarry".

They were approached by two parents who were concerned about their three missing sons. They asked the girls if they had seen them and they answered they had not, but would help to look for them.

As they started to search, they became aware of screaming in the distance and ran over to a large, wet, swamp-like area containing a pond.

They saw the older boys who were desperately looking on at the youngest brother (who was 6 years old) who was in severe difficulties in the water, repeatedly submerging under the water. Krista bravely jumped into the mud-filled pond on her own to rescue the boy.

When he was brought back to the shore, Keisha managed to revive him with CPR and comfort him. The boy later made a full recovery.