PICTURES: Details of Carlow's social housing projects revealed in chief executive's report

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Details of Carlow's social housing projects for this year and over the next three years have been revealed in the local authority's monthly report from the chief executive, Kathleen Holohan. 

The report - extracts of which are published below - has detailed the current local authority build projects and their delivery dates. 

Carlow County Council currently has 77 units either completed or under construction across the county with all of them to be provided either this year or into 2019. 

Meanwhile 26 houses are currently under construction by Approved Housing Body, CLUID, at Sleaty Street. 

The purchase is nearing completion for a further ten more at Rivercourt by CHI while the construction of ten has been completed by Tinteán at Barrett Street in Bagenalstown. 

There are over one hundred more units coming on stream through the Council's "Current Pipleline Projects 2019-2021" outlined above and below.

While two properties were acquired by the Council last month. 

However, up to the end of October, there were 13 casual vacancies in Carlow Town and county.