Motion for two roundabouts at Carlow junction where traffic is caught in 'pincer movement'

It will come before members next week

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Carlow Carlow Carlow

The junction at the centre of the proposal

A councillor will put a motion before the full meeting of Carlow County Council next Monday that will look to develop two roundabouts in Carlow Town.

The motion proposes roundabouts at the junction of the Hanover Road meeting the Hanover Road and at the junction of the Hanover Road meeting the Kilkenny Road "to allow for the safe passage of traffic".

The local authority has been accused of paying lip service to the dangerous junction in Carlow Town.

Using the picture above, Cllr Will Paton explained: "The traffic coming down from the road on the right in this picture (Hanover Road) onto the Hanover Road are caught in a pincer movement of traffic coming off the main Kilkenny Road and then by traffic coming along the Hanover Road from Aldi etc. 

"The silver car wishing to turn left towards the Kilkenny Road is fine but the black car wishing to turn right towards Aldi is caught in a pincer movement."