POLL: Carlow's All Time Great - the search is on! Here's how to have your say...

Here's a list of the names sent in so far

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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We are on the hunt for the Carlow’s All Time Great and we want to hear from you! Carlow Live has launched the search for the All Time Greatest Carlow person.  

There has been a huge response to the call out for nominees with the upcoming match polls becoming a huge discussion generator across the Dolmen County. 

Momentum is building now as the names come flying in.

Over the years, many people have contributed greatly to local life in the county. Their work enhanced the lives of local people, be it in business, through charity work, in sport or entertainment.

Who do you think should make the shortlist? We want more suggestions from right across the community and the generations, either historical or modern day.  

Do you have someone in mind? Perhaps a person who you believe has never been fully recognised for their good work? 

Send us your suggestions now.

Here are some of the names received so far: 

Richie Kavanagh (Singer) 

Eugene Walsh (Volunteer and Cairdre an Naduir)

Turlough O'Brien (Carlow senior football manager)

Saoirse Ronan (Actress)

John Tyndall (Scientist) 

Kathryn Thomas (TV presenter) 

Sean O'Brien (Leinster and Ireland rugby player) 

Derek Ryan (Singer)

How to enter your suggestions:

Send us a message on Facebook or tweet us on @Carlowlive1 and use the #CarlowATG or email us at news@carlowlive.ie before December 31 and we will select a shortlist of 16 candidates.

What happens next?

www.carlowlive.ie will run off a series of match polls and from the initial list of 16 candidates, we will reduce that down to 8 quarter finalists, 4 semi finalists and finally the grandfinal – to find out who you believe should be crowned Carlow's All Time Great.

The final list and initial draw for matches will take place in mid-January 2019.  

Full details will be covered on www.carlowlive.ie. 

Have your say on who will be the All Time Great!