Up to 50 fines to be issued by end of January for illegal dumping at Carlow's bottle banks

Fines being issued off the back of CCTV evidence

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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Dumping at Askea Bring Bank

Carlow County Council will have issued up to 50 fines by the end of January for illegal dumping at the county's bottle banks. 

During the holidays and into January there were a number of complaints regarding banks at Askea, Tullow and Borris.

All of the banks in the county were serviced in the days before Christmas.

Director of Services, Dan McInerney, has said: "Twenty fines have already been issued on the basis of CCTV and before the end of January we will issue another 25-30 fines that we have enough evidence for."

There were 100 tonnes more in bottle banks last year than in 2017 which is evidence of their success despite the fly-tipping.