Drone flying low over a built-up area in Carlow Town causes concern to residents

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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A drone flying low over a built-up area in Carlow Town this week caused concern to residents, a councillor has claimed. 

Cllr Walter Lacey said: "Drones when first introduced were more of a toy to play with.

"However, it is very important that owners of drones need to use them in line with legislation. As with the situation in Carlow Town on Tuesday residents should report the sighting of these drones. 

"We've seen recently where a drone shut down Gatwick Airport for days. 

"In the event where a drone is being used to photograph land or houses from above, it is a simple requirement that local residents be informed in advance. 

"Modern drones can take very good quality photographs. It was particularly worrying on Tuesday as there were children in the houses over which the drone flew. 

"The matter has been reported to the Gardaí."

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