Carlow Rose appeals for women to get smear tests and speaks about her experience

Shauna Ray Lacey is inspirational

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Shauna on stage at the Rose of Tralee last year

Carlow Rose, Shauna Ray Lacey, has appealed for women - who are embarrassed or afraid it will hurt - to get smear tests as she described the procedure as a "little pinch". 

Speaking to Carlow Live, she said: "I just turned 25, I registered online for my smear and got seen to within a week. I publicly posted on my Instagram account my personal story and experience on how my visit went at my first smear test.

"I wanted to shine a positive light on how comfortable and quick my visit was and also how my nurse took the time to explain what was happening and what will happen afterwards and to urge young woman out there to go and get it done it literally took a few minutes.

"I carried out an Instagram poll to see 'why young woman canceled appointments and why they never booked', the response in the messages I received was: 1. They were embarrassed and 2. Because it will hurt.

"I highlighted that it was not sore it any way just a little pinch."

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