WARNING: Leaflet dropped into homes in Carlow Town offering a bogus clothes collection

Did you get one?

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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A picture of the flyer

Carlow County Council has issued a warning after a flyer was circulated in Carlow Town offering a bogus clothes collection.

The flyer pictured above is currently being distributed in Carlow Town. The local authority says there is no charity or company number on the information and the phone number provided is not answered.

The leaflet asks you to leave your clothes in black bags outside your door. 

The local authority has reminded residents to be mindful when engaging in door to door clothing collections in their area.

Much of the materials with no resale value collected by bogus waste collectors end up in Carlow's county lanes, rivers and forests.

If you do wish to donate to the many local charities in Carlow Town and county, please ensure that you check all household collection information especially the charity registration details.

The latest scam comes after just last year, residents were again warned about a clothing collection scam after leaflets were handed into homes across the county.