UPDATED: 'Cars driving around looking for somewhere to park,' local hits out at abandoned cars

This is shocking

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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A picture of the abandoned car

A Carlow resident of Green Road estate, who did not wish to be named, has hit out at abandoned cars in the area - one of which parked across their driveway (pictured above). 

The local said: "This is outside my house Tuesday morning at 11am, barely got into my drive with cars parked on the opposite side, not sure I'll be able to reverse out.

"Every car spot is taken in the estate with spill over from IT Carlow, at this minute five cars are driving around looking for somewhere to park, there are no spots left."

The issue of cars parking in Green Road estate has been an ongoing problem for residents and has been raised at several Council meetings. 

UPDATE: The resident has contacted Carlow Live and said: "I got out, but I had to go back and forward repeatedly to edge between all the cars parked around.

"The car has been moved now thanks to Gardaí contacting the owner, but the problem is inexperienced drivers parking inconsiderately."