Councillor hits out over 'forgotten people' in the 'area of no man's land' with mortgages

Huge 'gulf' between people getting on housing list and getting a mortgage

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Are you one of these people?

A councillor has hit out over the "forgotten people" in the "area of no man's land" with mortgages.

Cllr Arthur McDonald made the remarks at the full meeting of Carlow County Council last Monday over people unable to get a local authority mortgage or on to the social housing list and unable to get a mortgage from banks. 

A motion by Cllr Willie Quinn at the meeting called on the Council to make contact with all other local authorities over how they must assess eligibility based on income for social housing.

He requested their support "in removing Band 3 completely from the housing regulations which was brought in by former Minister Michael Finneran in 2010".

His motion added: "This would leave just two bands and it would be a much fairer system and give young couples just outside of the social housing income limits in Band 3 a chance to get on the housing list."

There are three maximum income thresholds that apply to different housing authorities and Carlow is in "Band 3" which dictates a maximum net income threshold for a single person to be €25,000 compared to "Band 1" which has a maximum of €35,000.

Meanwhile in Carlow the maximum income threshold for a three adult and four child family is €30,000 in "Band 3" compared to €45,000 in "Band 1".

Cllr Quinn's motion was seconded by Cllr Will Paton and was passed by a majority.

Cllr John Cassin added there was a huge "gulf" between people getting on the social housing list and getting a mortgage.