Over 1,000 welfare payments in Carlow given to people to help meet 'once-off expenditure'

New figures have revealed

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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Minister for Social Protection, Regina Doherty

Over 1,000 welfare payments in Carlow have been given to people to help meet "once-off expenditure" since January of 2018, new figures have revealed. 

In a Parliamentary Question, Fianna Fáil TD Willie O'Dea asked the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection for the number of persons who received an exceptional needs payment by county in 2018 and to date in 2019.

Under the supplementary welfare allowance (SWA) scheme, the Department may make a single exceptional needs payment (ENP) "to help meet essential, once-off expenditure which a person could not reasonably be expected to meet out of their weekly income".

An urgent needs payment (UNP) may be made to persons who may not normally qualify for SWA but who have an urgent need which they cannot meet from their own resources or where an alternative is not available at that time.

In a written response, Minister Regina Doherty said: "In total €38.8 million has been provided for ENPs and UNPs in 2019."

The Minister provided figures which revealed that there were 1,015 ENP and UNP payments in 2018 in Carlow and 153 up to February of this year.