Carlow Chamber encouraging voters to engage and challenge candidates in elections

Will you be voting?

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Will you be voting?

County Carlow Chamber is calling on voters to get engaged, register to vote and turn out on May 24. 

The European and Local Election campaigns get under way in earnest this week, as candidates in both contests start to erect posters.  

With four weeks to polling day on Friday, May 24 the Chamber says "there are many questions that candidates need to answer". 

In a statement, they said: "In the lead up to the elections, ensure you challenge all candidates on the issues, ask how they will support the local economy, help to create jobs, attract funding and investment to Carlow and work to create a more sustainable economy.

"We need to build better places to live and do business, with better planning and long-term thinking to improve the quality of life and quality of our local economy.

"The decisions of the elected members in our local authority over the coming years will be central to realising this ambition.

"Our elected members need to challenge the local government budget, ensure value for money in the procurement process at every stage and work to support, enhance and promote the rural and urban areas of Carlow."

Brian O’Farrell, chief executive of County Carlow Chamber, said: "With many critical issues, make sure that when you are speaking to candidates that their answers to your questions are more than just a string of words that sound good.  

"Actions speak louder than words and they must be able to back up statements with clear examples and substance. This time, your vote is more important than ever, ensure you are registered and make your voice heard #OurTimeToVote!"