'Resit is misleading,' IT Carlow hits back after exam incident led to 30-minute break

'The students did not sit the first exam'

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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IT Carlow

IT Carlow have hit back at reports of students having to "resit" an exam after a paper's marking scheme was mistakingly attached to some of the exams. 

While an exam paper for second year students of Sport Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy was being distributed on Tuesday last, a photocopy of a marking scheme for that paper was mistakenly attached to some of the papers.

In a statement, IT Carlow said: "The exam paper was immediately withdrawn.

"As per the Institute’s quality assurance process and higher education regulations, two different papers are prepared in advanced for each exam in case of any issue, and are approved in advance by the external examiner.

"There was a 30-minute break while the second paper was brought to the exam hall. It is unfortunate but I heard it was all done very calmly with minimal fuss. 

"The use of the word 'resit' is misleading, the students did not sit the first exam."