Transparent piggy bank to be put on Carlow street - and the money can be used for anything

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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The Pig

A large transparent pig is going to be placed on various streets around Carlow Town in June.

Inside the Pig will be an LED sign, saying:

This is a community fund. You can contribute to it if you like, and when you’ve agreed how to spend it you can open me and spend it. #ThePig

But what is the Pig, and what are people supposed to do with it?

The Pig is the creation of the Essex, UK-based studio Kaleider, which designs and produces what it calls “extraordinary live experiences”.

Its art projects travel around the world visiting public spaces, and force people to ask themselves questions about how they see and interact with the world around them.

Pig was inspired by the Kaleider game Money, where the audience and players have one hour to decide how to spend an amount of money. If they can’t come to a decision, the money rolls over to the next event. 

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Pig will appear at Carlow Arts Festival, which runs from June 4 to June 9 2019.

Other events at this festival include Lord of Strug’s Absolute LEgends, The Horsebox Theatre, Max Richter’s Sleep, Irish National Opera, dance, music, visual art and family events.