Revealed: Carlow based judge, Colin Daly, to be new President of the District Court

Major judicial promotion

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


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Kilkenny and Carlow based judge, Colin Daly to be the new President of the District Court

The Carlow and Kilkenny based Judge Colin Daly is to be the new President of the District Court.

The decision was taken at Tuesday's Cabinet meeting and the Government has taken the necessary steps to formally advise President Michael D Higgins of the nomination in accordance with constitutional procedure.

It is a major promotion for Judge Daly, who will now take charge of the 63 other District Court judges.

Judge Daly was appointed to the District Court in 2012 and assigned to Carlow/Kilkenny district in 2015. He was educated at Queen’s University, Belfast and admitted to the Roll in 1997.