Planning permission granted for 36m support structure carrying a link dish in Carlow

The development will be used - among other things - to provide high speed Wi-Fi communications

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Carlow Carlow Carlow

Carlow County Council offices on the Athy Road

Conditional planning permission has been gratned for a 36m lattice support structure carrying a 0.6m link dish at Unit 5, Wexford Road Business Park, Staplestown, Carlow.

It also includes training equipment and support steelwork together with equipment cabinet and associated equipment within a fenced compound.

The development will be used to facilitate line of sight communications to an existing factory and to provide high speed Wi-Fi communications.

It will be used by Delmec Engineering Limited as a National Training Facility that will provide their engineers with advanced training procedures in climbing at height, rescue climbing, equipment installation, structure surveying and analysis and safety inspections.

This structure will also be used as a product display model demonstrating new procedures and technologies to international clients.

Carlow County Council attached eleven conditions to their decision.