Rise in Carlow tenants being served with 'Notice to Quit' causing homeless crisis to worsen

This is very worrying!

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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Carlow County Council have confirmed they have seen a rise in the number of Carlow tenants served with "Notices to Quit" which has led to an increase in people presenting as homeless. 

Cllr Andrea Dalton said she is helping at least five people in Carlow at the moment who have been given such a document. 

Speaking at this month's full meeting of the Council, she asked: "What are we doing? Are we shouting loud enough?"

Housing Officer, Josephine Kavanagh, said there were 18 homeless presentations in June - which she admitted was high. 

"A lot are due to 'Notices to Quit' because the landlord is selling the house or they want it for their son/daughter or they are just leaving the property market," Ms Kavanagh said. 

Cllr Dalton asked if there had been a huge increase in "Notices to Quit" and Ms Kavanagh replied, "Yes. There has been an increase. Each case is genuine." 

A landlord must serve a tenant with a "Notice to Quit" document if they want a tenant out of their property.