Council asked if there is a 'willingness' for another Barrow Blueway application

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Carlow Carlow Carlow

St Mullins in Carlow

Carlow County Council have been asked by a local representative if there is a "willingness" for another Barrow Blueway planning application in the county. 

Cllr Michael Doran was speaking at this month's full meeting of the Council and he said: "The blueways are rocketing nationally."

In April an order was made by An Bórd Pleanala which refused permission for the 115km "multi-use shared leisure route."

The proposed development was to be located along the existing navigation tow path, which is a National Waymarked Way. The route traverses parts of counties Kildare and Laois as well as Carlow.

Carlow County Council had refused permission for the project in February 2018 but the decision had been appealed to An Bórd Pleanala by the Save the Barrow Line group, by Waterways Ireland and by others.

Cllr Doran asked if there was any possibility of a new planning application by Waterways Ireland in Carlow or if there was a "willingness to do a new application". 

There was no response given to the local representative on this matter.