Carlow young people's innovative device catches everything from plastic to tablets

This is incredible!

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Carlow Carlow Carlow

CREDIT: Carlow Regional Youth Services

Carlow Regional Youth Services have been working on a project to prevent pollution on the River Burrin in Carlow.

They have made a huge floating device from disused goal post nets and plastic bottles that they have put on the river to capture the rubbish and plastic and all of the undesirable debris that flows through the Burrin to the Barrow and on to our seas.

The Green Team from The Vault installed the litter catcher recently and the pilot project is to capture waste that is thrown into our river and to help to prevent pollution of the waterways. 

It has been a huge success as well. 

In a post on Facebook, Carlow Regional Youth Services said it has caught:

69 cans
32 plastic bottles
7 tablets/medication
12 Glass bottles
103 miscellaneous plastics and pieces

All caught by the floating net in the month of July. 

The Green Team was due to remove the net but have decided to leave it for a couple of more weeks because it is doing such a great job.