'There'll be no one safe in their own home,' hilarious quip as councillors clash over CPOs


Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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The remark was made at a meeting of Bagenalstown Municipal District

"It's contagious, there'll be no one safe in their own home," said Cllr Tommy Kinsella in a hilarious quip as councillors clashed over Compulsory Purchase Orders. 

Chairman of Bagenalstown Municipal District, Cllr Kinsella was speaking at a recent meeting of the local electoral area. 

Members had been discussing a traffic plan for Borris and Cllr Willie Quinn had called for a Compulsory Purchase Order to acquire land for 30 off-street parking spaces if negotiations with the land owner failed. 

Cllr Kinsella said that was "very strong" and asked him to withdraw the comment but Cllr Quinn said he would not. 

Later in the meeting, following a discussion with Director of Services, Michael Brennan, local representatives were talking about lands needed for social housing in Borris. 

Mr Brennan said the Council is looking at proposals for housing in Bagenalstown and Borris and he added that in Borris the local authority have a site in mind. 

Cllr Quinn responded and said that lands should be acquired by CPO if necessary for housing. 

In response to this further call for CPOs, Cllr Kinsella quipped: "It's contagious. There'll be no one safe in their home after this."