'The Royal Car Park is listening to the people of Carlow,' as clampers are removed

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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Clampers gone!

"The Royal Car Park is listening to the people of Carlow," says Cllr Andrea Dalton as it was confirmed there would be no more clamping at the town centre car park.

In a post on Facebook, the Dublin Street car park owners said: "You will be glad to know that we have removed NCPS (aka the clampers) from our car park and installed a barrier system.

"You now pay when you leave and you can use cash or card. You can even pay by tap at the exit barrier and it's still only €3 per day.

"For long term parkersat just €40/month we can provide a fob to allow more flexible access and we can even lift the barriers automatically for you by using our new number plate recognition system.

"We have extensive CCTV and access control throughout and have staff on site from 8am to 7pm."