Calls for residents meeting with Council over Manor House anti-social behaviour issues


Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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"The original residents are sound as a bell," said Cllr Andy Gladney as he called for the local authority to meet with residents in McGrath Hall over anti-social behaviour issues at Manor House.

Cllr Gladney was speaking at a recent meeting of Bagenalstown Municipal District when it was confirmed that the owners of the premises had started works on the building to bring it up to standard. 

Corporate Housing Ireland are due to take over the premises by the end of the year but the current owner must first bring the houses up to standard. 

Cllr Gladney said a meeting with residents would be a good idea to discuss their concerns as the "original residents are sound as a bell".

A Tenant Liaison Officer for the Council has been appointed and took up the role on July 15 and anti-social behaviour issues will be their "priority". 

Addressing the issue of anti-social behaviour in houses, Carlow's Director of Services for Housing, Michael Brennan, said: "We will be going down the road of evictions...absolutely," as the local authority looks to enforce anti-social behaviour guidelines. 

All tenants are assessed and vetted and Cllr Michael Doran said a "partner or a friend or an associate moves in" to which Mr Brennan added: "That's the issue."

The Director warned that if tenants are evicted the Council will not be re-housing them.