BIG READ: Carlow's 15 electric vehicle charge points rank it among the worst in the country

Carlow has fewer charge points than most counties

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Carlow Carlow Carlow

Carlow has just fifteen charge points across the county

Carlow's 15 electric vehicle charge points rank it among the worst in the country for the provision of the service, it has been revealed. 

In a series of Paarliamentary Questions, a number of TDs sought information on the number of electric vehicle charging points in public spaces and plans to increase the number.

In a written response, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton, said the ESB provided a breakdown by county of those chargers that they operate.

The figures provided revealed that Carlow has just 14 Standard Charge Points and 1 Fast Charger giving it a total of 15 charge points which ranks Carlow among the worst in the country. 

This compares with 32 in Donegal; 26 in Meath; 30 in Wexford; 27 in Waterford and 29 in Kerry. 

In total, eighteen counties nationwide have more electric car chargers than the Dolmen County while only seven counties have fewer charge points than Carlow. 

Other counties which have very few of the charge points include Leitrim boasting just four, Cavan has 10; Longford 11 and Offaly 14.

The Minister added: "The Government Climate Action Plan, which was launched on June 17 this year, sets out a range of actions to support the delivery of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

"These actions include:

- introducing a capital support that will be provided to Local Authorities for the development of on-street public chargers;

- commencing the ESB Electric Vehicle High Power Charging Infrastructure Development Project, supported by the Climate Action Fund;

- including electric vehicle fast chargers as a category eligible for support in the next call from Climate Action Fund;

- expanding the Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant to include shared parking (e.g. in apartment blocks);

- developing and implementing planning rules and guidelines across residential and non-residential parking locations for electric vehicle charging infrastructure; and

- developing an overarching charging infrastructure strategy with a target to be set for the supply of infrastructure to stay ahead of demand."

He said: "A Government grant of up to €600 is currently available, via the SEAI, to the purchasers of new and second-hand electric vehicles to support the installation of home chargers.

"Since the introduction of this scheme in January 2018, almost 1.5 million euro has been spent on grants to support the installation of 2,280 charge points in homes.

"This is in addition to home charge points (numbering more than 2,000) which were installed by ESB ecars prior to 2018.

"There are currently over 650 standard public charge points and circa 80 fast chargers (the majority of which are operated by the ESB) in Ireland.

"A real-time map showing the charge point locations, including the status and availability of these charge points, is available on the ESB's website at"