'Impact of illegal waste collectors devastating and immeasurable,' says Council official

The local authority are holding official drop off events in August

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Carlow Carlow Carlow

Dumping in Ballinabranna recently CREDIT: Cllr Arthur McDonald

Following the successful hazardous waste drop off event held in July, Carlow County Council are offering households a further opportunity to clear out unwanted items at little or no cost.

The local authority is hosting low cost bulky waste and Free WEEE electrical drop off events in August.

Jannette O'Brien, Environmental Awareness Officer at the Council, said: "This event not only gives households an opportunity to free up some much needed space but also eliminates the temptation to use the many illegal waste operators that continue to advertise their 'services'.

"These illegal waste collectors offer what seems to be a great knock down price for clearing your household, garden and other forms of waste, and usually promise to recycle materials and issue receipts.

"The reality of the situation is that the majority of the materials collected from you the householder, end up in our laneways, on our mountains or in our rivers and the financial burden of cleaning up comes back to the local council which results in less services available in other areas

"The environmental impact of these illegal waste collectors is often devastating and immeasurable. All legal waste collectors MUST have a waste collection permit issued by the NWCPO and must be able to produce their permit number which can be checked on www.nwcpo.ie  

"Carlow County Council are offering householders this once off opportunity to dispose of their bulky and electrical waste at these events and be assured that their materials will be received by licenced operators and that their materials will be recycled."