Around 15 tonnes of rubbish picked up by Carlow's local authority in Borris Fair clean-up

Official figures from the clean-up have been given to Carlow Live

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Papers, packaging, bits of food, old couches and mattresses all had to be taken away by the Council

Carlow County Council picked-up around fifteen tonnes of rubbish after the Borris Fair on Thursday, the local authority have confirmed. 

Jerry Crowley, senior executive engineer at the Council, said the staff picked-up old couches and mattresses.

He said: "The situation with regards to both numbers of people in attendance and the overall situation regarding the disposal of rubbish is very much in the same ballpark as last year, certainly no increase in numbers.

"There was what has become the usual clean-up commencing early on Friday, the morning after the fair."

"The rubbish and other non-reusable items were collected up and transported to the landfill at Powerstown which was in the region of fifteen tonnes," he added although this is not a final figure. 

The rubbish picked-up included waste packaging, papers, cans, food waste, empty food containers and then things like old couches and mattresses.