'Please note we are in the new school,' Tyndall College message ahead of new school year

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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The unfinished Tyndall College in Carlow *Note: Picture was taken some months ago

"Please note we are in the new school," Tyndall College delivers message to parents ahead of the new school year.

The school's managment posted on social media to tell parents about the return to school dates and were able to deliver the gleeful message: "PLEASE NOTE WE ARE IN THE NEW SCHOOL!"

Work halted on the school in January of last year when the UK-based Carillion Construction - which had sub-contracted the works - went bust.

The Irish company, Sammon, had been sub-contracted by Carillion to carry out the building work on its behalf as part of the Public Private Partnership, but Sammon then went into liquidation in June of 2018. 

The debacle saw many local contractors left out of pocket by the collapse of the two companies. The replacement contractor, Woodvale, has been carrying out works on the site over the last few months to finish off the project.