Tullow will be a 'ghost town' says local business over outrage at parking restrictions

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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CREDIT: Wards Tullow

A local business has hit out at parking restrictions in Tullow saying it will be turned into a "ghost town" over repeated disruptions to services in the town. 

In a post on Facebook, Wards Tullow - which is located on The Square - asked if local representatives wanted Tullow "to be a ghost town as they try to restrict people parking".

The business owner was not concerned for their shop but for the "older community who need to attend doctors, chemists".

They added: "This will destroy our town and businesses. It looks like a long term plan to drive people out of there home town."

The post has garnered huge discussion online with over 100 comments from users and 50 shares. 

Cllr Will Paton was among those to post on the thread and said he had been in contact with the Area Engineer's Office and established that the works (pictured above) were to take place on Thursday only. 

The Engineer's Office said they were necessary preparations for the Ploughing and the Ploughing bollards will only be erected on Monday, September 16 and removed on September 27.

There will be parking restrictions on the N81 in Tullow for the Ploughing - which takes place from Septemner 17-19. 

"So this is not permanent," Cllr Paton added.