'Biggest news of my life,' Carlow's John Paul Payne has launched his own cosmetics brand


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"Biggest news of my life," said Carlow's John Paul Payne has he launched his own cosmetics brand.

John Paul applied for makeup school 15 years ago "and the journey wasn’t easy".

In a post on Facebook, he said: "I was laughed at in my makeup tunic, and many people wouldn’t take me seriously when I started my career.

"Since the first day of walking into the class room and taking that unknown leap of faith, I have travelled the world, worked on film, television shows, fashion week, painted celebrities, probably did your mother’s makeup and I even had my own little television series!

"Nothing in life was handed to me but a lot of people have been very kind to me along this really lovely journey. I’ve earned every stripe and some of it still doesn’t feel real.

"Today it was full circle. I launch my own cosmetics brand, John Paul Payne Makeup."

John Paul says he has made "a few sacrifices for the last year to make this a reality".

He added: "At times I was scared and other times I thought it’s either now or never. To be honest, opening the box today I felt so overwhelmed.

"I have used these products for the last year and some of you are aware of this and helped me keep this secret. Thank you!

"More importantly: all my products are fragrance free, paraben free, not tested on animals (or made in China), hypoallergenic (great for sensitive skin), non comedogenic (won’t block your pores or cause breakouts) and photoflash stable (you won’t look white in photographs).

"I am a brand new company, so at the moment I don’t have a budget for that Instagram launch party that people might be accustomed too with lots of free gifts or celebrities.

"I have started small, with about 8 product lines with a variety of shades and they go on sale from Thursday in Fifty Shades Hair Lounge. I’d only love you to come out and try on my brand new products."