Questions asked over Carlow local authority's use of electric vehicles and solar panels

The matter came up at the September meeting of Carlow County Council

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Questions have been asked over Carlow County Council's use of electric vehicles and solar panels on local authority buildings. 

Cllr Michael Doran raised the issued at the September meeting of the Council when members were adopting the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. 

He asked if there were "any plans to buy electric vehicles or solar panels for Council buildings".

"Are there any practical plans in place?" Cllr Doran asked. 

The then Director of Services, Dan McInerney, said the local authority have been working with the regional energy agency for a number of years.

He told members that there are solar panels on the Council Office building on the Athy Road which delivers significant energy savings and they are looking at the extension of their use of solar panels. 

On the issue of electric vehicles, Mr McInerney said the Council is close to a new procurement round for vehicles and they "will be looking at the possibility of EVs".