Revealed: Virtual reality headsets to simulate a fatal road accident for Carlow students

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Carlow County Council has received fifteen virtual reality headsets with a pre-loaded 8-minute 360 degrees video simulating a fatal road collision from the perspective of a front seat passenger.

Aviva Driving School has sponsored a new national Road Safety Initiative supported by local authorities and Gardaí entitled "Your Life, Your Choice".

The video features full-time emergency first responders and actors and tackles by immersive experience the topics of young drivers, mobile phone use, speed, seat belts, stopping distance and distractions.

The equipment is used in conjunction with an appropriate presentation to small groups of senior second level and third-level students in the county delivered by the Council's Road Safety Officer and Gardaí.

"This is a tough experience for the students involved," warned John McDarby, Road Safety Officer, Carlow County Council.

Mike Kavanagh, AVIVA Driving School, is pictured with John McDarby at the launch of the initiative above.

The service is available to schools and community group members over 16 by contacting Carlow County Council Road Safety Officer on 059 9129734 during office hours or email: