'Considerable cost,' over 80 tonnes of waste removed after major clean-up at Pollerton


Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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Over 80 tonnes of waste have been removed after a major clean-up at Pollerton which comes at a "considerable cost' to Carlow's local authority. 

A number of sites of concern were investigated by Carlow County Council last month.

The dumping originated from a number of sources including a number of non-compliant householders, illegal collection services and fly-tipping. 

A major clean-up was completed at Pollerton where over 80 tonnes of waste was removed. 

The Council has said that this clean-up comes at "considerable cost" to the local authority.

Any person who transfers their waste to an unauthorised collection can be prosecuted for illegal dumping and be fixed with the full cost of clean-up.