Hilarious! Best of the social media reaction to the Ploughing coming back to Carlow

People are already booking days off

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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The Ploughing site in Carlow

Most people are delighted that the National Ploughing Championships is coming back to Carlow in 2020 and they can't hide their excitement. 

Carlow has been confirmed as the county which will host the 89th National Ploughing Championships as the massive event makes a return to the site in Ballintrane, Fenagh.

Below is a sample of how people reacted to the news on Twitter: 

People also commented on Carlow Live's Facebook page as users called on their friends to "book a holiday" for the week of the Ploughing from September 15-17.

Others described it as "great the county" and "fantastic news".

The 2019 Ploughing in Carlow had the "highest ever attendance" in the history of the event, according to the NPA.