'Check with Gardaí to see if there's been 20 accidents,' questions over planning in Carlow

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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A councillor has questioned whether or not Carlow County Council's planning department "check with Gardaí to see if there's been 20 accidents" on a road at the site of a planning application before it is approved.

Cllr Willie Quinn raised the issue at the October meeting of Bagenalstown Municipal District when he asked: "Is there no Garda report done on planning applications as regards accidents? 

"If someone is applying for planning on a section of road, does the Council check with Gardaí to see if there were 20 accidents,' on that section of road, he said. 

Cllr Tommy Kinsella said the local authority tend not to give planning if it is a danger and they do look at sight-lines but he did warn that often times there could be an accident in an area and it isn't reported.

Council officials said they had information on known accident blackspots and a good degree of local knowledge but there is "no formal interaction with the Gardaí".